This time last year Rokeby Galley opened its doors for the very first time.
A whole year and eight exhibitions later, they are celebrating their one year anniversary with THE ONE. 

THE ONE is a group exhibition featuring new works by Ben Burgess, Shevan J, Lachlan Moore, Nicole Reed and Isamu Sawa.

Photos from the opening of my solo exhibition ‘Knock Off’ at c3 Contemporary Gallery. An edition of 60 sausages in bread were given out for free to patrons, as a mock sausage sizzle was performed. My friends Jack and Alfie took on the persona of barbecuer’s as the gallery came alive with snag-mania.

A informational video I shot and edited for ‘Bernside Unrushed Meats’.
An ethical meat supply service, that employs environmentally sustainable farming techniques.

I was invited by Ross Coulter to create an artwork for Blindside Gallery’s B-SIDE fundraiser.
This two-sided work was a visual response to my time spent with Ross.
A friendship that was built on paper plane workshopping, throwing, folding and unfolding.

Despina Residency, Brazil

Throughout the entire month of April I was an artist in residence at Despina in Rio de Janeiro. During this time I conducted a research project that focused on the Carioca winds and how to physicalise them. This research progressed into an investigation of the kite (pipa) flying traditions that are present throughout Brazil.

Video work’s that were made and produced during my exchange program in Canada.

A response to the cold winter temperatures (-36 degrees) that left the city in hibernation.

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