Worlds End Press - Drag Me Home

My 2014 cameo performance in Worlds End Press’ music video.

DOORED 23, 2016

Double Double Land, Toronto

Winning the grocery giveaway. Presented by Life of a Craphead members Jon McCurley and Amy Lam.

IRL 2 OBJ, 2016


Created by Ben Burgess, Ben Légere and Anna McWebb

This work employs Photoscan technology as a way to recreate a physical space. Born from their interest in digital replication, the creators produce 

an interactive exhibition that exists somewhere between the real and the digital world. What now remains are fragmented episodes of a moment in time.

Art of the Mobile Device, 2016

Closer Gallery, Group Show

Curated by Gerda Cammaer and Dave Kemp

Featured works: 

The Artist is Present, Video Projection, 1:33 mins

The Detroit People Mover, Ipad Video, 2:03 mins

Enter The Dojo, 2016

Lumber, Ipads, laptop, cinder blocks, chain, nunchucks, holographic print, plastic

Closer Gallery, Toronto

Enter The Dojo, 2016

Video, 1:06 mins

A film made in Chinatown, Toronto. Shot and edited on Iphone.

Open Verbness, 2015

A collaborative performance piece with Jess Gall, Natalie Rambaldi and myself.

RMIT Building 2, Melbourne

The Grass is Always Green, 2015

Timber, Aluminium, Glass, Inkjet Print, Bronze

First Site Gallery, Melbourne

Responding to his scrutiny of present day gallery experience, Burgess questions the ways in which art is currently being viewed. 

‘The grass is always green’ erects an interactive partition between viewer and art, forcing them into awkwardly bothersome states of observation.

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