Wind in the Windows
My latest publication which launched at the NGV Art Book Fair is now available at Perimeter Books. 'Wind in the Windows' is a hardcover photographic book that reflects upon reflections and unwinds from the wind. Accompanied with poetry, the images chronicle moments of meditation, where the intangible nature of emotion comes to life.

Each copy is signed in an edition of 70. 
70 pages. Digital Indigo Printed. 215mm x 240mm.

"Knock Off"
Upcoming show at c3 Gallery, Abbotsford Convent. From the 16th of May - 10th of June.

This quote is the umbrella for a multitude of thoughts, images and projects pertaining to the Australian identity. With a vested interest in the effects that the patriarchal system continues to have on the Ozzie make-up, I am engaged with male dominant spaces such as car shows, the pub and to an extent, art institutions. My family structures and early education inform a great deal of these ideas and become a resource for understanding the pressures to be a 'man' and 'ocker' in an Australian context. 

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